The Magic of Clay

A variety of high-fired stoneware clays from Western Massachusetts are used to create finished pieces. These clays have been selected for their fine texture, allowing leaf impressions to retain nature’s details.

The clay is hand rolled, and the freshly picked leaves are arranged and applied to the surface. It’s important to listen to what the leaf, or leaves want to be. They lead the creative process.

Form can be guided by the overall shape of a leaf or cut and pressed around plaster molds, old wine bottles or other repurposed objects.

Smoothing, and embellishments such as feet, snails, beetles or caterpillars are done by hand.

Once the piece has air dried, it is bisque fired, and Majolica underglazes are applied. These are wiped off with sea sponges, and washes of color are added until the desired affect is achieved.

The piece is finished with food safe glazes and fired to cone 5 or 6.