Amy is a multi disciplinary artist. Since graduating from RISD in ’88, she has worked as an art instructor, freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and ceramic artist. Doves Foot Pottery is an outdoor learning and working space, with greenhouse and studio.

Book Illustration & Design

In 2019 Amy and her husband Fred published their first book, “In the Wake of the Willows”. A three year joint effort, it combines the best of Fred Thurber’s nature writing with Amy’s illustrations and book design into an entertaining summer adventure story. Visit for more info.

The Story Behind the Name

Daisy, the pet Dove, is the company mascot, and overlord to the flock of 10 heirloom hens. When Amy began selling her ceramics in 2006, the quest for a name ended when Daisy landed in Amy’s hand. The touch of Daisy’s feet sparked her curiosity and wonder, and Doves Foot Pottery was born.