A Visit to our Village’s Past

I have fond memories of my first visit to Davoll’s General Store, over 30 years ago. I loved it’s creaking floor boards, shelves full of staples, and counter of penny candy; it’s charm and history enchanted me. It is one of the oldest continually operating general stores in the US.

Today Davoll’s General Store has a new lease on life. Re-envisioned by Ben and Will Shattuck, the store has dug even deeper into it’s roots to become a village center once again. Full of antique furniture, locally produced fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products, local artisan wears, and an extensive book selection, the store is like a walk into the past. The pub, with it’s standup piano, and the beautiful grounds, make it a wonderful place to pass the time, and catch up with friends.

I’m pleased and honored to have Doves Foot Pottery on the shelves of Davoll’s Store. Be sure to stop in for a visit.