Time to stay safe, Time to create.

Since February, I have grown roots, and stayed close to home. While my husband and I are at high risk, I’ve not been afraid. Instead, I’ve embraced this time to slow down, think, create and plant. Many projects have produced satisfaction and solace.

The new vegetable gardens have kept me busy, and I love spending time working on them every day. I’ve been giving away greens to neighbors, and bartering seedlings and pottery for locally grown food, with farmers and friends. Five new baby Barred Rock hens joined the girls in the coop, and Daisy’s outdoor aviary had an overhaul. He’s happily sunning himself under a new transparent roof, and “chuck barroooing” to all who will listen. On rainy days, I work on publishing projects. The foliage plants have been thriving and calling to me to return to the studio to make new things.

I’ve been going slow, adding details, and playing with different types of clay. I take time to breath in the scent of leaves and moist clay. I pause and really look at a leaf, and let it speak. I needed this time. Did you?

When covid-19 hit, I had just finished a 6 week class on Math in Art for homeschool teens, and we were beginning a class on vernal pools. I was looking forward to resuming our spring pottery classes. I miss my students, but enjoy hearing what they are doing, and sharing discoveries through text or messages. The shops and galleries that sell my work are just starting to reopen, but I will not be participating in the summer studio tours and shows.

While I have not had an income for many months, I remind myself how fortunate I am. This time has shown me the value of slowing down, and building and being creative with what I have, instead of plunging headlong with what I don’t. I have my husband to walk with through the woods, my gardens to nurture and nourish me, my pets to make me smile, and the time to think, breathe and live richly.